Fantastic Flip Flop Fabric Fun

(Alliteration is awesome [as is assonance]).

Amanda visited me this week, and we were in the crafting mood on Monday.

First, we made these wonderful pom-pom bookmarks that we learned how to do here. They were so easy. We mastered it on the first try, so we were feeling quite confident in our abilities, and moved on to tackle bigger and more complicated things.

Amanda suggested we braid the tail, which proved to be an excellent alteration. (And, by the way, I highly recommend Chopsticks.)

Amanda suggested we braid the tail, which proved to be an excellent alteration.
(Also, unrelated, I highly recommend Chopsticks.)

I decided to complete goal #46: Re-strap a pair of flip flops with fabric. I happened to have two pairs of cheap Old Navy flip flops I bought last summer, and the rubber straps hurt my feet too much to wear. I also had leftover fabric from another project, so I didn’t have to spend any additional money on this, even better! Unfortunately though, I didn’t have the foresight to take before pictures, so we’ll have to make do with this picture I stole from the internet.
sandals before

After tiny bits of frustration — it’s annoying to sew the edges under, it’s difficult to force the fabric through the holes, and it’s surprisingly challenging to fit the strap lengths to your feet — I had two new pairs of flip flops that I’m rather fond of. I’ve yet to wear them outside of the house, because I’m still afraid the knots won’t hold or the middle loop will tear, but all in all, I am very pleased with the results.


After our arty afternoon, we had a delightful dinner with our friend Tara. Which means, I have almost completed goal #31: Get together with Amanda, Tara, and Ryan. I have now separately visited with Amanda and Ryan, and Amanda and Tara, but I’m pretty sure that shouldn’t count. Almost almost almost.

Stay tuned, Amanda and I continued completing goals on Tuesday, but I’ll give that one its own post.

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